The majority of Birdie Parker pieces are treated with a patina to enhance the etched designs. Silver, copper and brass will slowly darken over time due to exposure to air, taking on a richer hue. The best way to clean your pieces is to gently buff with a clean, soft, dry microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints, dirt, residue, and oils. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or jewelry cleaners as these can remove the patina on your piece. When not in use, store your piece in a cool dry place such as a ziplock bag, along with the enclosed anti-tarnish strip.

Vitreous enamel is glass and can crack if handled improperly. Take care to not drop or apply force to the pieces.

It is recommended to remove your jewelry before swimming or showering. Alcohols such as perfume or hairspray can discolor or mar the surface so please take care when applying.

Due to the handcrafted process, there may be variations in the color and patinas from the photographs. I make every effort to produce photos that accurately represent the items, but colors may vary in person. The etching and enameling processes are inexact techniques and while I strive for perfection, there will be signs of the handcrafted process visible in all of my pieces and as such, no two items will be alike and therefore, truly unique.